Graphic design

All kinds of graphic design, from the small business card through advertisements to annual reports.


Small and large webpages. Shop-solutions and special functionalities.


Employee and customer magazines. Layout and production, incl content and ads.

Idéa development

Help developing your graphic profile, your homepage or new products.

half price

All the work for half the cost

Hiring a full time graphic artist can be hard to fit into your business budget.
I’m offering my services as your “permanent” freelance graphic artist. With a subscription you’ll get a very reduced hourly cost in comparison to going with advertising agency. 

It’s the perfect compromise between the expensive hours from the agency (often up towards $3-400/hour) and the cost of hiring a fulltime employee. This way, you don’t have to pay costs for holidays, sick leave or pension costs. No expenses for a high end computer and expensive software.

From business cards to Social Media

I’ve worked with just about everything. Here are some examples of what I do:

• Logo and branding
• Graphical profile and designmanual
• Stationary
• Folders, Brochures og Annual reports
• Customer- and employee magazines
Book covers 
• Roll-ups og exibition walls
• Merchandise.
• Ads online og offline
• Webpages og Intranet pages
• Social Media graphics

I collaborate with both photograhers and other graphical profiles, to solve every task.


Et udpluk af opgaver jeg har løst

Chose your solution

You can buy my services in different ways. You can buy 1 hour at the time, or get a discount buying several hours at once. 
You don’t have to spend the hours you buy in the same month. You can save them up to e/6 months after purchase, depending on the package.

Single hour

$ 150
pr hour
  • 125/hour
  • Buy as you need the hours


$ 600
5 hours
  • 120/hour
  • For small constant tasks or the occasional big task
  • Can be saved up to 3 months


$ 1050
10 hours
  • 105/hour
  • Multiple constant tasks or several big tasks a year
  • Can be saved up to 3 months


$ 2250
25 hours
  • 90/hour
  • Lots of constant tasks. Or recuring big tasks
  • Can be saved up to 6 months


If you want a chat about your graphical needs, and how I can help you. Please write or call for a non-binding talk. 

Baldersbuen 55
DK-2640 Hedehusene
Mobil: +45 53 503 506

About Catapult

My name is Jesper and I’m the person behind Catapult. I’ve been working as a graphic artist/Art Director for 30+ years and worked with just about every task possible, both digital and analogue, online and offline.

I’ve been an Art Director on a newspaper and a magazine. I have worked for Egmont working with Disney products, SOS  Children Villages and have worked full time as an Art Director for LB Insurance, the 5th largest insurance company in Denmark.

I have a big network to lean on for those jobs that require extra care. And I am always ready for a challenge.

My base is in the greater Copenhagen Area, Denmark. But work internationally.