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Don’t judge a book by its cover. Well, that’s exactly what people do when they browse the shelves of the bookstore – in the real world or virtual. 

A good cover helps sell your book!

I design covers for both physical books, e-books and audio books. No matter if you’re a traditionally published author, self published, or indie author I can help with your book cover. I make covers both for fiction and non-fiction books, and can also help with general formatting of the whole book. Including finding pictures or illustrations to enhance the content. Or I can work with your own pictures to create a beautiful layout.
I work in all genres of books, so even if you don’t see your genre here on the page, don’t hesitate to contact me. 

So give your book the VIP treatment and contact me for a chat about your book, and what you need.

I can help with:

  • Making sure your cover is the right size for publishing. Both for printers, Amazon KDP, Ingram Spark or any other service.
  • Using artwork with the correct copyrights for use in your book.
  • Making mock-ups for use for your author profiles, social media and news letters.
  • And much more… 

Book Cover Examples

Also check out the maps below

Romance book cover


Romantic image

Thriller book cover


Dramatic picture for your thriller cover

Cyber punk book cover


The neon world of cyberpunk

Fantasy book cover


A medieval look to the fantasy cover

Young Adult book cover

YA Young Adult

Young Adult can take so many directions

Romantic Young Adult Comedy

Retro illustration style


Cook Book

recipes and appetizing pictures

Dark Romance book cover

Dark Romance

Intense look and background images

A Fantasy Map for Your Book

A map can have many uses. I’ve made maps for roleplaying games, books and for just finding your way in the real world. 

When I open a book I love when there is a map, a place to show me the world I am about to enter, to take my hand and guide me as I follow the protagonists journey.

The classic map is the one at the start of the book. But you can sometimes have maps in the book, showing a city where the chapter is taking place. Or a map on the outside of the book, to give an exciting backdrop for the story to come.

No matter where you need a map for your book, I can help you create it. 


E-book cover design
$ 100
  • 1 e-book cover
  • 1 mockup
  • LIcensed images
  • Commercial use

Double up

Same design for both e- and physical book
$ 150
  • 1 e-book cover
  • 1 book cover
  • 2 mockups
  • Licensed images
  • Commercial use

Tripple up

Same design for e-, physical and audio book
$ 200
  • 1 e-book cover
  • 1 book cover
  • 1 audiobook cover
  • 3 mockups
  • Licensed images
  • Commercial use

The above prices might get higher depending on the artwork needed for the cover. More pictures and more complex artwork will raise the prices, always subject to your approval of course. 
Please note that the picture and artwork used for your book are purchased with commercial usage for your project, and licensed as such. 

Additional services

Content formatting

I can help you get all your pages in order. Both for text only and for adding graphics or picture to your book

Map making

What is a book without a map. Especially fantasy books need a map to guide your readers. I can help with region, city and other maps, inside the book or on the cover.

Author website

Make an author website where you show of your work. There you will manage your newsletter, making sure you, and not the social media, keep a list of your readers.

Social media ads

Do you need ads to promote your books on social media? Or perhaps help setting up a facebook author page?

Logo design

Let me help you with a logo for your author brand, or your publishing company. A logo helps with recognition across your work.

Marketing material

Need an ad for a local magazine, a business card for networking, or material for your next book fair. I can help.

FAQ - Book formatting and covers

Most frequent questions and answers

For me to design the best cover possible I need input from you. You will need to think about:

  • Colors
  • Characters
  • Important elements
  • Background image
  • Setting
  • Real pictures vs Illustrations

In addition to that I will need a description of your story, what is it about? Who are the main characters, what happens in general terms. Don’t need the whole book, just enough to give me an understanding. You are also very welcome to mail me pictures of book covers you like so I can get a feel for the style you want.

If you want a custom illustration, please send me pictures of what type of illustration styles you want. It could be a book cover in the style you like.

Remember that people who see the cover, don’t know the story yet – so you don’t have to depict a special scene, but more a general feel of the book.

There really is no right answer to this. A lot of paperbacks are 4 x 7 inches, but there are many sizes to choose from. Instead think of this. A book is shelved in a bookstore either with the front out (for the few lucky ones) or the spine out. So, you will want a spine wide enough for easy recognition when people skim the shelves. If the page/format of the book is big, you can either go with a bigger font size, or get fewer pages. Fewer pages means a thinner spine. So it comes down to the balance between font size, page size and spine size. The latter decided by the two former. 

In a normal paperback you’ll have aproximately 250 words per page, so divide your word count by that and you’ll have a number for how many pages you will have in your book. Then, go visit your bookshelf and find a matching book to get a feel for it 🙂

Amazon provide a ASIN number – that’s their version of ISBN. It is enough if you never want to go anywhere else. If you plan to publish with others later on it would be better if you purchase your own ISBN and use that for the book. 

Please note that you’ll need a ISBN for each version of your book, so e-book, physical book and audio book requires separate numbers, as does different versions and languages. 

If you’re in the US you can buy them at Bowker. Check your local country for where to buy. Some countries even let you have the numbers for free.  

Please check carefully as some companies might sell you these at an overprice.

On the back page of the cover you will find the Blurb. A short, enticing text that draws in your reader. A good way to put it together is to remember these four points:

  1. Tagline
  2. Introduce the protagonist
  3. What is the main problem
  4. What are the stakes?

Keep it at 100-150 words to make it easy to read, and help you sharpen it up. 

In addition to the blurb some authors chose to write a short bio, perhaps with a picture. The back page is also where the ISBN number goes.

Especially fantasy books have a need for a map inside. This will help the reader visualize the world. Maps can be small and simple and large and complex and even small maps takes time to create.

If you need a map in your book you should make a crude sketch of how you see the world – even just some circles with names in it can help. Write important places and note if there are mountains, deserts, oceans or other things important for your story.

Don’t make the map bigger than needed. The bigger the map, the less place for details. So zoom in on where the action is!

If you have an example of the style you’re looking for, send it along with your query.

Some authors make a map before they write the book, to help them visualize while they write – and keep travel time correct between areas in the story.